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Why Puran Poli Is The Best Dish Of Maharashtra?

Updated: Mar 11

Puran Poli is an Indian flatbread that is sweet and filled with filling (puran) which is made from a mixture of Jaggery and chickpeas and some flavourings like nutmeg and cardamom for that authentic flavour and aroma. Heated on tava and lubricated with a lot of desi ghee (pure ghee).

why puran poli is best dish of maharashtra

Puran Poli is the most popular dish in Maharashtra, the recipe is passed from the generations and there are many variations in making techniques. There will not be any festival where a puran poli can not made in Maharashtrian's house, be it on Holi, Diwali or Gudipadwa (New Year).

Why is Puran Poli the best Maharashtrian Dish as per nutrition?

Now I beg you to repeat after me that Puran Poli is the best Maharashtrian Dish, so let's begin with the ingredients that are used to make Puran Poli.

Ingredients used to make puran poli:

1. Wheat Flour

2. Chickpeas

3. Jaggery

4. Nutmeg

5. Cardamom

6. Pinch of turmeric, salt and needed water.

So these were the ingredients which are used to make your favourite puran polis. There is something special in the ingredients, they all come directly from mother nature and they are healthy.

Use Of Wheat Flour which is high in Fibre, Jaggery is high in calcium, proteins with chickpeas, and Indian spices nutmeg, cardamom and turmeric.

They all once used to make puran poli which makes puran poli a completely perfect meal in terms of taste and nutrition, but puran polis are a little heavy on the stomach. Other than puran polis are the best food of Maharashtra as per nutrition.

Puran Polis on festivals

Puran polis are mostly made at festivals or any celebrations at home, such as Holi, Diwali or Gudipadwa and celebrations like New Year, and anniversaries or birthday parties in Maharashtrian's house. So puran poli best goes with the festivals and celebrations.

Who Likes To Eat Puran Polis?

As per our customer's feedbacks and research papers on Puran Polis are liked by everyone where whether it is with adults or kids especially kids like eating Puran Polis. Puran poli is a single dish that is liked by every generation.

Puran Poli Is a versatile Dish

Yes, I’ll give you the best combinations of puran poli:

1. Puran poli with desi ghee

2. Puran poli with milk

3. Puran poli with katachi aamti

4. Puran poli with aamras

5. Puran poli wih kheer

Puran polis does not go only with spicy or sweet options it is a very versatile dish. In summer puran polis are mainly eaten with aamras also known as “Ras Poli” where a small bite of puran poli is used to dip and eat with Aamras (Mango Juice).

How To make Puran Polis?

No doubt puran polis are not easy to make at every festival at home because there is a lot of process in making a perfect soft puran polis at home.

You can also order online puran polis from us.

Who are we?

We are Laxmi’s Puran Poli a small cloud kichen brand that is only focused on Making Authentic Puran Polis by using authentic recipes passed from generation.

You can order Puran Polis from here…


In conclusion, puran polis are the best for every festival even for celebrations at home like birthdays and picnics because the shelf life of puran poli is quite long (3-5 days) in air-tight packaging.

So in the end there is no doubt in That Puran Poli is the best dish in Maharashtra. Do you agree or not share it with us by commenting below. And do not forget to order puran polis from Laxmi’s Puran Poli.


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