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Mumbai's Breakfast Culture: Beyond Vada Pav and Poha

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis on the western coast of India, is renowned for its vibrant street food scene, and breakfast is no exception. While Vada Pav and Poha have long been breakfast staples in the city, Mumbai's breakfast culture is far more diverse and intriguing. In this blog post, we will explore the lesser-known gems that contribute to the rich tapestry of Mumbai's morning culinary delights.


Mumbai's Breakfast other than vada pav and poha

Misal Pav - A Spicy Delight:

misal pav

Misal Pav, a spicy curry made from sprouted moth beans, is a breakfast option that packs a flavorful punch. Topped with farsan (crispy snacks), chopped onions, and coriander, and served with pav (bread), Misal Pav is a favorite among Mumbaikars who crave a hearty and spicy start to their day.


Sukha Bhel - The Dry Version of Bhel Puri:


While Bhel Puri is a popular street snack, Mumbai offers a unique breakfast twist with Sukha Bhel. This dry version omits the tamarind and chutneys, focusing on the crunch of puffed rice, sev, and diced vegetables. It's a lighter alternative for those who prefer a less saucy breakfast option.


Puran Poli - Best For The Morning:


In Mumbai's vibrant breakfast culture, Puran Poli shines as a beloved morning delight, offering a delicious departure from the more commonly known Vada Pav and Poha. This traditional Maharashtrian dish, consisting of a sweet flatbread filled with a luscious mixture of lentils, jaggery, and spices, embodies the city's rich culinary heritage. Whether enjoyed at roadside stalls or bustling breakfast joints, Puran Poli brings families together, each bite infused with the warmth of tradition and the vibrant spirit of Mumbai mornings.


Bombay Sandwich - A Fusion of Flavors:


Mumbai's breakfast culture wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Bombay Sandwich. Layered with a variety of chutneys, vegetables, and sometimes even mashed potatoes, this sandwich is a fusion of flavors that caters to both the savory and spicy cravings of breakfast enthusiasts.


Idli Sambar - South Indian Influence:

idli sambhar

While South Indian breakfast options like Idli Sambar may not be exclusive to Mumbai, the city's cosmopolitan nature has embraced these dishes wholeheartedly. Soft idlis served with a flavorful lentil soup (sambar) and coconut chutney are a common sight at local eateries.



Mumbai's breakfast culture extends far beyond the iconic Vada Pav and Poha. The city's diverse culinary landscape offers a wide array of options, from the spicy Misal Pav to the flavorful Akuri and the fusion delights of Bombay Sandwich. Exploring these lesser-known gems allows locals and visitors alike to savor the true essence of Mumbai's breakfast culture, where tradition meets innovation on every plate. So, the next time you find yourself in the city that never sleeps, venture beyond the familiar and discover the breakfast delights that make Mumbai a gastronomic paradise.


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