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Varieties Of Bhakaris : A Guide to Maharashtra’s Rustic Flatbreads

Maharashtra, a state in the western peninsular region of India, is known for its rich and diverse culinary heritage. One of the staples in Maharashtrian cuisine is the humble ‘Bhakri’. Bhakri is a type of flatbread, often used as an accompaniment to curries or vegetables. Here, we explore the different varieties of Bhakri and the special place they hold in Maharashtrian cuisine.


Types Of Bhakaris In Maharashtra


Jowar Bhakri

Jawar bhakri

Jowar Bhakri, also known as ‘Sorghum Bhakri’, is one of the most common types of Bhakri in Maharashtra. It is made from Jowar flour, which is gluten-free and rich in nutrients. The dough is kneaded with warm water and then flattened into a round shape before being cooked on a tava (griddle). Jowar Bhakri has a slightly nutty flavor and a chewy texture, making it a perfect accompaniment to spicy Maharashtrian curries.


Bajra Bhakri

Bajra Bhakri

Bajra Bhakri is another popular variety, made from Bajra (Pearl Millet) flour. This Bhakri is a winter specialty, as Bajra is known to provide warmth to the body. The preparation method is similar to that of Jowar Bhakri, but Bajra Bhakri has a distinct earthy flavor. It is often served with garlic chutney or a fiery Maharashtrian thecha (chili garlic chutney).


Rice Bhakri

Rice Bhakri

Rice Bhakri, or ‘Tandalachi Bhakri’, is a soft and light variety of Bhakri made from rice flour. It is often preferred for its mild flavor and soft texture. Rice Bhakri pairs well with both spicy and mild Maharashtrian dishes.


Nachni Bhakri

Nachni Bhakri

Nachni Bhakri, made from Ragi (Finger Millet) flour, is a nutritious variety of Bhakri. Ragi is a rich source of calcium and iron, making this Bhakri a healthy choice. Nachni Bhakri has a slightly sour taste, which complements the flavors of Maharashtrian curries.


Puran Poli

While not technically a Bhakri, no discussion of Maharashtrian flatbreads would be complete without mentioning Puran Poli. Puran Poli is a sweet flatbread, stuffed with a mixture of jaggery and cooked chana dal (Bengal Gram). It is traditionally prepared during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Holi. The sweet filling of the Puran Poli contrasts beautifully with the lightly flavored outer covering, making it a favorite among Maharashtrians.


In conclusion, the variety of Bhakris in Maharashtra is a testament to the state’s diverse culinary heritage. Each Bhakri variety brings its own unique flavor and texture, enhancing the overall dining experience. So, the next time you enjoy a Maharashtrian meal, don’t forget to savor the Bhakri!


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